AMSA Centinela receive PC5500

During April 2017, AMSA Centinela took delivery of a PC5500. This equipment will now join the CAT797 and CAT793 Duratray delivered earlier this...

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MiningWorld Russia

Exhibiting at MiningWorld Russia, we are joined by over 240 companies - all major players in the market from around the world. This exhibition has offered a wonderful stage for Duratray to present its customized technology - showcasing the Suspended Dump Body Truck...

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New countries embrace Duratray Haulage Solutions

After successful trials in both Siberia and Kyrgyzstan mining companies, Kazakhstan and other Russian territories are planning to upgrade their fleets to the Duratray technology in order to maximize payloads within the available capability of their trucks from various...

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Duratray to exhibit at Mining World, Russia

This being the 21st International exhibition of machines and equipment for mining, processing and transportation of minerals. MiningWorld Russia holds the title of the 'Best Exhibition in Russia' on the subject 'Natural Resources, Mining and Quarrying' in all...

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Duratray directors attend official opening

Duratray directors attended the official opening of the Victoria Government Business Office in Santiago (Chile) on 20th of October – see below photograph and press release. Duratray is the first and largest investment from Chile into Australia’s mining equipment,...

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De Beers orders third batch of 830E Suspended Dump Bodies

De Beers has placed recently a third order for suspended dump bodies for their Komatsu 830E trucks, taking their fleet over 10 units in their newest project in Canada. These units will be assembled in Edmonton in the next few months and taken over to the mine crossing...

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