Duratray XP light weight dump body in Escondida, Chile.


The unique lightweight design of the XP Steel Light Dump Body enables clients to optimise payloads and production output, while minimising vehicle weight and maintenance periods.

The tray is made with high-technology steels that enhance the weight of the component, which enables weight reductions of up to 40% and transportation costs per tonne by 25%.

Key Features

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Customised Design: Increased volumetric capacity, maximised payload and increased overall performance.

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Special Wear Resistant Steel: High strength impact and abrasion resistant steel plates configured to maximise life cycle and easy installation. 

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Customised Options: Optional features include ducktails, flared side walls and side wall loading protection with specialty guards.



Side Walls: Steel plate or hollow alloy bar for top-rail. Parallel or expanding taper geometry for side-walls. Provide extra reinforcement and preventing material build-up.

Side Walls extension: Increases volumentric capacity of existing dump bodies.

Rubber: Designed to handle tough impact loads while resisting abrasion. Helps extend the body system's life.

Steel Liner: Absorb impact and protects the truck structure from sliding wear. Designed to be easily and securely fitted to the dump body.

Ducktail: Retains the load or ramp grades up to 10 percent and higher. This design also maintains correct load distribution within the specifications of the truck OEM.