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UK's 777G stealth fleet expands

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

To support a new quarry expansion project, during 2020 and 2021 six new Duratray Suspended Dumb Bodies have been delivered and fitted to Caterpillar 777G haul trucks at the Tarmac’s Mountsorrel quarry in Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

The Mountsorrel granite quarry commenced using SDBs in 1984 with the primary objective to reduce loading noise in a hard rock quarry, located directly adjacent to the rural village of Quorn in Leicestershire, near the university city of Loughborough.

Due to the noise of hard granite rock loading into steel bodies, the quarry could not achieve an operating permit, therefore in 1984, a fleet of Caterpillar 777A trucks was introduced with Duratray SDBs.

“This quarry was one of the first adopters of SDBs, progressively changing all their conventional OEM bodies on their Caterpillar 777 fleet to SDBs and was able to reduce the number of trucks due to the improved productivity,” Duratray COO Steve Hall said.

This was a successful noise reduction solution. In 2019 a replacement haulage fleet was ordered, consisting of new generation Caterpillar 777G haul trucks, also fitted with Duratray SDBs.

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