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Duratray Suspended Dump Body (truck tray) on the Ice road, Canada


As a state-of-the-art designer and manufacturer of dump bodies for mining applications, Duratray provides the highest technology available in the market.

Duratray's staple product, the Suspended Dump Body (SDB), offers a unique lightweight tray that consists of a flexible rubber wear mat supported by high capacity synthetic suspension ropes and a steel frame resistant to abrasion.This design has demonstrated a wide range of benefits catered to specific mine and quarry applications, including increasing payload, combating carryback and reducing noise.

The SDB unique design replaces the steel floor and associated wear plates with a rubber mat suspended on elastomeric ropes anchored to the steel frame of the body.


The unique lightweight design of the XP Steel Light Dump Body enables clients to optimise payloads and production output, while minimising vehicle weight and maintenance periods.

xp LETRA.png

Duratray rubber liners offer a long-lasting, low-maintenance and cost-effective alternative to operations.


Customised system for major transportation projects, based on the capabilities of the Duratray rubber floor which reduces carry back and increase payload.

DuraRail letra.png

As an hybrid dump body, the SDB combines the best of steel and rubber to offer a light-weight equipment designed to increase payload, decrease carryback and reduce noise.

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