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New fleet of SDBs for one of Canada’s largest diamond mines

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

During this year’s winter-road season in Canada, two new Duratray Suspended Dump Bodies (SDB) were supplied to one of the largest diamond mines in north-western Canada. This continues an annual cycle of dispatches via the frozen winter Ice Road, which dates from the year 2001, and has now involved the cumulative delivery of 65 units of Duratray SDBs to three major open pit diamond mines around the Yellowknife area.

The Suspended Dump Body on the Ice Road.

The oldest diamond mine has been an ongoing Duratray client since 2001, with fleet purchases of thirty five units. The new 220-tonne capacity dump bodies were assembled and delivered by Duratray’s local agent SMS Equipment in Edmonton.

Under extremely hard and abrasive rock conditions, combined with severe weather to temperatures below -40°C, the Duratray Suspended Dump Bodies have outperformed regular steel dump bodies which were considered uneconomic to repair after a service life of only 1-2 years.

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