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Governor of Victoria Export Award to Duratray

Updated: May 12, 2020

Celebrating a milestone 40th anniversary, the 2019 Governor of Victoria Awards (GOVEA) spanned 13 categories and Duratray International was awarded with the GOVEA for Minerals, Energy & Related Services in a ceremony held on October 15th in Melbourne, Australia.

The GOVEA are one of the most prestigious business awards in the state of Victoria, recognising the state's most successful and innovative exporters and giving them the stamp of international success.

The Awards recognise the hard work and dedication of Victoria’s exporters who are boosting the economy, creating jobs and promoting Victoria as a world leading destination for trade.

“As company and as family, we are honoured to receive this important award from the Victorian Government. This is the result of a growth strategy that we have carried out during the last five years, increasing our exports revenue more than three times within said period of time. We are extremely proud of our company’s performance, which is the result of a joint effort from all members of the team. Most of us have been working together for the last 10 years, sharing the same goals and commitment in all the regions where we operate”, said Duratray International Managing Director Marcelo Medel.

This year’s GOVEA Awards attracted a 100% increase on entries compared to 2018, lifting from 49 to 98 applicants with many businesses from Regional Victoria on the competition.

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