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South32 increases its Duratray Suspended Dump Body fleet 

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

One of South32’s largest mines in Australia has increased by 15% its fleet of Duratray Suspended Dump Bodies this year, taking the fleet size to 33 units.

This important manganese mine, located in the Northern Territory, has had SDBs in operation for over three decades.

This South32 mine has been Duratray's client for more than three decades.

The SDB’s unique features, specially its rubber wear mat, are the perfect fit for this mine site because of their remote location and the material hauled properties, a combination of hard and abrasive ore and sticky waste. Innovation engineering improvements have been undertaken on the Duratray SDBs to offer up to 65% less wear in most mining conditions including heavy or abrasive rock and sticky materials.

Duratray WA Regional Manager Pablo Rossi said that “the first trucks of the current fleet were commissioned 13 years ago and are due for replacement soon so we are looking forward to work with this valued customer, as they install the new planned fleet over the next two to three years”.

South32 is a globally diversified mining company and the 25th largest mining company in the world with presence in four continents.

For more information on the Duratray Suspended Dump Body, please click here.

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