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Made in Victoria campaign

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Duratray has recently launched the Made in Victoria campaign in honour to the company's state of origin.

Duratray International is the only manufacturer of mining truck trays based in the state of Victoria and the one with the biggest footprint in the world.

The "Made in Victoria" stamp on a Duratray dump body operating in the UK.

Throughout Duratray International’s journey in Australia, the company has received great support from the State Government of Victoria. Duratray has actively participated in grants, awards, and trade missions organised by different State Government’s agencies, which has contributed not only to the company’s expansion in Australia and globally, but also to Duratray’s capabilities in manufacturing.

"The Made in Victoria campaign has a great significance for us. We currently have dump bodies in the UK and China with the Made in Victoria stamp, which puts our state in the global eye for mining manufacturing capabilities", said Marcelo Medel, Duratray Managing Director.

With the technology and cutting-edge design behind Duratray's dump bodies, the company hopes to position the business and the state of Victoria in the next level of manufacturing competence.

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