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Duratray's latest project in Africa

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

A new fleet of Suspended Dump Bodies (SDB) for Caterpillar 777-05 mining trucks has been completed and shipped to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Following manufacture in Turkey, the steel frames will be transported on sea to Kenya, then 1,800km overland through Uganda until reaching their final destination at DRC, Kibali mine.

SDBs at the Duratray's manufacturing facility in Turkey.

Kibali gold mine is located in the northeast of DRC, approximately 220 kilometres east of the capital of the Haut Uele province, Isiro and 150 kilometres west of the Ugandan border town of Arua.

"It is the first post-Covid collaboration with Duratray International's fabricator in Turkey, which has resulted in great success, despite the current challenges such as labour shortage and high demand for steel." said Duratray International Project Manager Csaba Nagy.

Simultaneously, the rubber wearmat kits, fixings, special tools and spare parts were shipped from Duratray's principal manufacturing facility at Melbourne, Victoria.

Rubber wearmats

The four Caterpillar 777-05 dump bodies will be transported in preassembled parts. Steel frame assembly then rubber component installation will take place at Kibali mine by Duratray International Field Service crew from South Africa, a multinational effort.

Based on this positive outcome, Duratray is looking ahead towards further projects on the African Continent.

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