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Zero emissions with the eDumper

Duratray’s Suspended Dump Body has been the perfect match for the first environment friendly lithium-ion powered truck operating in Switzerland since January 2018.


This unprecedented equipment was the successful result of ongoing collaboration between Duratray and international energy specialist Kuhn Group, which combines Duratray’s low-noise, low-carryback Suspended Dump Body (SDB) with Kuhn’s expertise to produce an eco-friendly dump truck.


This unique concept, backed by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, is that the Komatsu HD605 does not use fuel or emit any CO2 during its trips. Instead, the truck generates electricity on the laden downhill run, which is stored in its large battery. Some of this energy is used to power it unladen back up to the extraction area, with the surplus fed into the grid overnight.

During each of the 20 downhill runs, the batteries are charged by 40 KWhr, making the vehicle a net electricity exporter. This surplus is estimated at up to 200 KWhr per day. 

Duratray’s SDB provides an excellent complement to the eDumper's goal to make mining environmental- friendly as it reduces noise and reduces carryback which in turn decreases waste and repeat trips, improving overall efficiency. 

eDumper with Duratray Suspended Dump Body


The eDumper is a 45-ton dump truck that never uses more energy than it generates while driving around its worksite. It produces electricity to refill its batteries on downhill runs thanks to regenerative braking

eDumper with Duratray Suspended Dump Body in Switzerland


As it transports a load of mined rock downhill from the mountainous mining site at which it is located, its regeneration system produces a massive amount of electricity. The truck then uses that energy to go back up the hill for another load.

eDumper with Duratray Suspeded Dump Body


It has a battery capacity of 600kWh and its fully electric drive system is comprised of a 634kW synchronous motor paired with another 200 kW asynchronous motor.

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