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Suspended Dump Bodies Komatsu HM400 commissioned in July

5 new Suspended Dump Bodies were fitted on Komatsu HM400 haul trucks and are currently operating at New Vaal...

From Tasmania to the Northwest Territories

Article published in the Australian Journal Of Mining Edition – Trucks and Excavators Section May/June 2014 The Ekati diamond...

Manufacturing Minister of Victoria congratulates Duratray for its Export results

On the left The Hon. David Hodgett MP Victoria. Right Stephen Hall, COO for Duratray  Manufacturing Minister of Victoria...

Duratray Case Studies for Noise & Impact Reduction

Duratray Suspended Dump Bodies delivered 8-10 decibel reduction in first-pass loading noise, lower impact forces, higher payloads, and lower...

Everybody loves good neighbours

Lower Coal Prices may be forcing New South Wales produces to cut, cut, cut but it seems some still...

About Us

Duratray is part of Conymet International Group, with more than 40 years of experience in the mining industry. We specialise in the design, engineering, manufacturing and commercialisation of dump bodies for haulage equipment.Along with spare parts, steel and rubber wear components we provide technical assistance, maintenance and replacement of parts.

Our staple product, the Duratray Suspended Dump Body (SDB), is a unique lightweight tray that consists of a flexible rubber wear mat supported by high capacity synthetic suspension ropes and a steel frame resistant to abrasion.This design has demonstrated a wide range of benefits catered to specific mine applications including increasing payload, combating Carry-Back and reducing noise.

Over the last 10 years a vast number of innovative engineering improvements have been undertaken on the Duratray SDBs these consist of developments to suit most standard mining conditions including heavy or abrasive rock and sticky materials.