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New ultraclass Duratray SDB models designed and commissioned for CAT 796AC trucks

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Working in conjunction with Caterpillar engineers in Australia and the USA, Duratray International design professionals designed and built one of the largest dump bodies ever produced in Australia.

The SDBs Ultraclass in North Queensland

With an SAE volumetric capacity of 298 cubic metres, the new Ultraclass dump body design was completed in-house. It uses the combo concept whereby the units are designed for transporting both coal (a low-density material), and overburden/ waste (a material with a higher loose density).

In-house engineering design was performed using 3D Solidworks and FEA. Subsequently, the new dump body design was subject to external technical review by mechanical engineering and maintainability specialists for structural and fatigue performance. Separately, DEM Discrete Element Modelling of loading and discharge flow characteristics was undertaken by the US-based world’s leading bulk materials engineering firm.

The Ultraclass model is customised to client specifications.

Like all Duratray Suspended Dump Bodies, this new Ultraclass model is uniquely customised to customer contract specifications for the mine site where it will be working. Corollary dump body designs for Caterpillar 796AC trucks have been produced for other potential clients in WA, NSW and Perú.

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