Introducing Duratray's latest product, the Smart Tray 4.0.

Updated: Aug 4

With the purpose of not only diversifying its line of products, but also walk towards technological advancements that transform the way mining operations work, Duratray International is currently at the trial stage of its latest product, the Smart Tray 4.0.

Duratray Smart Tray 4.0. will allow operations to monitor their fleets from anywhere in the world. (Photo courtesy of De Beers Group).

The main goal of all Duratray's products has always been to maximise customers’ mining performance through high technological solutions. The design of the company’s staple product, the Suspended Dump Body (SDB), offers just that by reducing carry back, increasing payload and reducing maintenance cost. However, Duratray is committed to take the truck and tray's performance even further.

Duratray International developed the first Smart Tray of the market; the Smart Tray 4.0. allows customers to make decisions in real-time via data monitoring and alerts, as well as plan preventive maintenance looking at the history of the data, via advance automated analytics that can predict failure.

“We achieved this by using modern technologies such as digital sensors, cloud storage, wireless connectivity and our own platform and infrastructure that glues all the modules of the system together” said Pablo Rossi, Project Leader of the Smart Tray 4.0.

The Smart Tray 4.0. technologies are independent of the truck manufacturer and as such they can be deployed on hybrid fleets, allowing the customer to access their whole fleet from a single system for a fraction of the cost.

The system that supports the Smart Tray 4.0. is modular and customizable so it can be designed to support any time of mine or quarry in the world, and it has the capability to ingrate existing sensors of the trucks.

“The interoperability and universality of the system allows to compare performance across different trucks, different materials being transported, different loaders, different climates, etc. enabling us to identify and share best practices for the mining and construction industries” Mr. Rossi added.

Currently, the Smart Tray technology is operational at mine sites in the north of Chile and Western Australia.

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