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Duratray becomes member of the Australia-Russia Dialogue

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Duratray’s great success in Russia has taken the company to become members of the Australia-Russia Dialogue (ARD), the premier non-government, non-commercial, and apolitical organisation dedicated to promoting multifaceted engagement between Australia and Russia.

Since 2014, the Russian market has been a key commercial priority for Duratray and today the company is proud to be one of the few Australian owned businesses operating in the country. Through its local distributor, Kuzbass Mining Service (KMS), Duratray serves the largest mining companies in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia.

Duratray XP light weight dump body in Severstal, Russia

Having commenced in the region with sales to Kyrgyzstan in 2014, Siberia in 2015 and Western Russia in 2016, Duratray then exhibited in Mining World Russia 2017, together with other 240 major players within the mining industry and has been an exhibitor ever since.

Mining World Russia provided Duratray the opportunity to feature its customized heavy-engineering technology, showcasing the Suspended Dump Body (SDB) and the XP Steel Light Dump Body to the Eastern European mining market.

Duratray XP light weight tray in Severstal, Russia.

In 2018, Duratray experienced a great growth in Russia, delivering 26 XP units to one of its biggest clients in the region. As a result of these new 240 tonnes dump bodies, the mine was able to increase 9% its production in its truck cycle. Currently, Duratray XP Steel Light Dump Bodies have sold six different fleets into Russia and adjacent countries.

“Russia is a vast country which is blessed with many world-class mineral deposits that are developed by local companies and entrepreneurs, rather than by better known multinational mining companies. Three of the top-40 global mining companies are from Russia, while eight of the top-20 mining and metals billionaires are from Russia. Duratray has developed local manufacturing capability within the Russian Federation, using high-quality local steel plate for Duratray projects within the region”, said Duratray COO Steve Hall.

Being members of ARD confirms Duratray’s commitment to keep developing business and technological links with Russia, and provides a platform to discuss related opportunities for both countries.

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