Innovation and Technology:

Duratray International is committed to reducing the environmental impact within the industry and achieved major success through its custom Suspended Dump Bodies. The company has undertaken various operations that reduced linear and weighted sound levels by up to 10dB on haul trucks while increase truck lifespan and productivity – successfully achieved in the Hunter Valley with Yancoal.

While the unique design of the SDB system decreases noise levels, making it suitable for mines operating near urban areas, it reduces carry-back and offers high efficiency. This technology is leading the way in innovation and sustainability.

And speaking of technology, Duratray International is collaborating with German group Kuhn for delivery of a fully lithium-ion powered truck, launching for the first quarter of 2018.

Duratray believe in one or two years we can extrapolate these results for an ultra-class truck. Working with Kuhn will allow the push into the industry to approach a sustainable vision with trucks not only through the engines but also with the body. This has been in works for more than 18 months, and it’s going to be a game-changer for the industry.

The technology and innovation found in the Duratray SDB will provide an excellent complementary edge for the project’s ambitions to become a carbon-footprint reducing, low-noise, economically friendly industrial EV, or, as Duratray call it, “a whole green truck”.

Duratray International actively support the recycling of their products, promoting a solution for sustainable business. With Duratray rubber being made on site within their warehouse, they offer a full 360 degree sustainable service finishing with its appropriate disposal.


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